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Tree Care

How To Look After Your Tree

  • Do I need to do anything when I first take the tree home?
    Once your tree is brought home from our Christmas tree farm, we recommend trimming your tree 1-2 centimetre from the bottom to ensure a fresh cut goes into at least 2 litres of water.
  • When should I put the tree in a stand?
    Mount your tree as soon as possible after the fresh cut. We sell Christmas Tree Stands which will assist with keeping the tree stable and allow space for it to be watered.
  • How often do I water the tree?
    Ensure that you check the water level regularly particularly in the first few days as your tree will draw 2–4 litre of waters, then check daily to ensure it never runs out.

Once your tree has been decorated and looks fabulous send us a picture to our Facebook page!  We’d love to see it.

Thank you for visiting our Christmas tree farm in Upper Hutt!

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